Does this countertop need to be professionally installed?

No, this countertop is designed to be installed by 1-2 people in an standard DYI situation.



Is the bottom of this countertop moisture resistant?

Yes this counter has a moisture resistant barrier installed during manufacturing.



Is this countertop heat resistant?

Never place hot items directly on the countertop. Always use a trivet or hot pad. When installing a cooktop or other heat surface always use a heat reflective tape around all cutouts.



Can I use a undermount sink?

Unfortunately no, only recommended sinks are drop in.



How far can I overhang COVOSSI Solid Surface?

Any overhang larger than 11” must be supported.



How many supports do I need for install?

COVOSSI Solid Surface requires a minimum of supports every 24”



Is my COVOSSI Solid Surface countertop scratch proof?

Our tops are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. We recommend use of a cutting board. Most small scratches can be buffed out with Using an ordinary abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad.



Is this countertop hygienic?

Yes COVOSSI Solid Surface products are non-porous and are resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria.



What are COVOSSI Solid Surface Countertops made of?

COVOSSI Solid Surface Countertops are made from mineral filled polyacrylate/polyester resins with a chipboard substrate. Our state-of-the-art designs are created to provide exceptional long term performance in both residential and commercial environments.



Do you have a care and maintenance guide?

Yes you can access our care and maintenance guide by Clicking Here or find it shown on the installation page.



Can you help me with installation?

Yes you can view our installation instructions here and we offer free installation videos. Just visit our installation page by Clicking Here or search COVOSSI Solid Surface on YouTube.


If you need repair assistance contact COVOSSI customer service center at: info@covossi.com.